The king is dead, long live the king


Thursday 7 June 2018 – 20:15

Tickets: €8 online and € 10 at the door





The king flyer

Dit toneelstuk is in het Engels/ This play is in English

In a kingdom a long time ago, far far away. We meet the strangest people.
All of them seek a form of power over the other. Some dream of better days, some want to yell at another for no real reason. Power over people can make you do weird things. When others are afraid of you, it has a strange effect.

This comedy will bring you a play like it was done in the old days. Commedia Dell’Arte.

Director: Boris Chomette

Cast: Ricardo Cordeiro de Sousa, Emiel Ferment, Szula Kane, Elena Krynina, Giulia Montorsi, Zuza Nazaruk, Jana Rosenfeld, Thelonious Schairer-Penny, Dina Sobhi, Michal Tadla.