A Night of David Ives

14 en 15 april

Voorstelling in het Engels / An English language show.

Time Flies –  A romantic date of two mayflies segues into an existential crisis when they discover that they only live one day. Talk about a quickie….

Sure Thing –  Bill meets Betty. Bill says things. A bell intervenes. The bell wants them to fall in love. Bill says something better. Or something worse? DING!

Bolero –  A woman’s world slowly threatens to come apart in the middle of the night when she and her husband hear strange sounds and voices. A fight! Who’s fighting?
Is her mind playing tricks on her or…is she right?

Captive Audience – What’s the purpose of a TV? Keeping you entertained? Informed? Influenced? What if it’s something more… sinister. Captive Audience is a short horror comedy about a couple Rob and Laura and a seemingly normal evening at home with their TV.