vrijdag 8 maart 20:30 uur

“Use your head, can’t you, use your head, you’re on earth, there’s no cure for that!”

After their success with the making of “Waiting for Godot”, Noordhaus International Theater Company furthers their Beckettian endeavours by presenting “Endgame”, an absurdist tragicomedy about cyclical existence in a deserted future where all is beyond rationality. Set after the end of the world, we follow the last humans of a now barren Earth and their daily routine. Considered Beckett’s most polished work, Endgame is a theatrical masterwork which explores themes of death, decay, art, storytelling and human connection.

Endgame is Noordhaus’  debut production for 2024, following the creative teams’ Beckettian success (and controversy) with Waiting for Godot. In this play, set in a room within a barren and disrepaired Earth, an ever decaying protagonist tackles pain, ageing, codependency, regret, writer’s block. Medeea Anton – director and chair of Noordhaus – is passionate about absurdist theatre and believes it to be a genre that uniquely reflects the human reaction to adversity and despair.
With an international cast comprised of very passionate and widely experienced amateurs, Noordhaus is premiering Endgame on February 23rd at the Bij vrijdag Prinsentheater in Groningen, and following with dates in Amsterdam, Rotterdam,
Den Haag, and more to be announced.